About Marvele

We offer Event Management and Venue Sourcing services, and provide Corporate Gifts for companies, events and special occasions. We began life as a small event management company in 2011. But within four years we have organised more than 100 events, including:
  1. Corporate events such as D&Ds, Family Days, MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) and Road Shows;
  2. Personal and miscellaneous events such as Auctions, Birthday Parties on Yachts, Fund Raisers and Weddings.
This very diversified list of events speaks volumes of our ability to competently handle almost anything—from conceptualisation to execution—while the large number of events demonstrates our ability as an event agency in Singapore to deliver well-run events that will leave you with lasting memories!
Everything starts with our Mission. It serves as a standard to guide us on our decisions and actions. Our mission is to help clients save time and effort—by connecting people, venues and ideas through well-run events and customisable, high-quality merchandise.
To be the leading company in the events and gifts sectors. We are dedicated to producing and managing outstanding events, and providing customisable, high-quality merchandise. We gain the trust and respect of our clients, our partners, our staff and our suppliers by not compromising our values and continually striving to surpass expectations—from event planning to execution.
Marvele Group commits to our MISSION and VISION by following the 'CLIENTS' system of values:
  • CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility is just a complicated way of expressing our responsibility to society. We aim to contribute to society in any way we can, in any form that the recipients find beneficial.
  • Learning – The only constant is Change. Knowledge is constantly being revised, which means that our learning never stops. Even while we help our clients, we learn from them, reminding ourselves of the need for constant upgrading and improvement of our services as an event company.
  • Integrity – We strive to work with our clients, partners, suppliers and colleagues in a fair, ethical and mutually-beneficial manner, gaining trust through our actions.
  • Enthusiasm – We employ people with a passion for providing the highest-level of service to our clients, and continually nurture this passion.
  • Network – People are the most important aspect of a business. We strive to create a great place to work, one where people are inspired to be the best they can be. This includes not just our staff but partners, clients and suppliers.
  • Timeliness – Time is of the essence while helping our clients achieve their needs and wants. Our goal is to save them time and effort by using the least amount of resources needed to accomplish the task.
  • Service – The concept of quality exists in everything we do. We adopt a service mindset when dealing with clients to ensure they receive service of the highest standards from us.
Jameson Koh Founder & Director

Engel Koh Marketing Director